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Commercial, Industrial and Oil Field Safety Services in Central Alberta

Centratech Technical Services are designed to comprehensively meet the needs of commercial, industrial and oil field/gas industry clients. Since safety is the core of our business, our staff is thoroughly trained and certified in the following:

fill stations
• First Aid/CPR
• Workplace Hazardous Materials Information
  System (WHMIS)
• Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)
• Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
• Portable fire extinguishers (post-secondary)
• Fire suppression systems (post-secondary)
• AB fire alarm certified
• CFAA fire alarm certified
• RDC sprinkler system certified
• RDC backflow preventer certified
• Jordair compressor level 3 technician
• MSA care certified in SCBA/SABA
• Scott field level certified
• BW gas detection certified
• I.S. gas detection certified
• Range guard factory certified
• Badger® industry guard industrial certified
• Badger industry guard vehicle certified
• Amerex® KP (kitchen) factory certified
• Amerex VFSS (vehicle) factory certified
• Amerex IS (industrial) factory certified
• Amerex CPS (clean agent) factory certified
• Transport Canada tester certified

Our safety services include the following:
• Backflow preventer testing

Please contact us to arrange for any of these services.